Full Frame, Full Force

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The Durham, N.C.-based Full Frame Film Festival, which wrapped its eighth annual edition last month, is a four-day affair celebrating documentaries and their makers-and true docu style is arguably the antithesis of Hollywood filmmaking. So McKinney-Silver's Full Frame campaign, intended to create awareness in Durham, New York and L.A., took this reality/fantasy contrast and ran with it. "Hollywood is not just a place, it's a mindset," says ECD David Baldwin. "It's about predictability, focus group endings, stereotypical plot points-all of the things that we love and hate about Hollywood. Documentary film, on the other hand, is about truth, and usually some group of ragtag people with a camera are trying to change the world. Durham as the home of documentary is an important idea because there's a documentary mindset of truth. So we decided to call Durham Realitywood." In the pursuit of the truth and a definition of Realitywood, Baldwin and his team essentially outlawed Hollywood cliches, spoofing the theatrical slides shown before features with inane trivia questions followed by the tag, "Hollywood thinks you're stupid." Television spots, which will also be shown before festival films, show how badly Hollywood would handle dramatic plots like the one in last year's Full Frame winner, Control Room.

In a particularly in-your-face guerrilla effort, customized street signs were temporarily placed in New York, L.A. and Durham outlawing Hollywood melodrama. Our favorite reads, "NO answering a ringing payphone only to be given information meant for an elite Russian spy." Members of the McKinney team would stand across the street and call the phone, then watch the baffled pedestrians. Print executions showed similar signs, like one outlawing zombies in a cemetery, and another in a courtroom that reads, "NO slowly rising one by one to applaud someone whose last-minute epiphany has given him not only clarity on the error of his ways, but also an inspirational speaking style." Other elements included expertly crafted cardboard dioramas with scenes from well-known documentaries, and a similarly styled website.


Client: Full Frame Film Festival Agency: McKinney-Silver/Durham, N.C. ECD: David Baldwin CWs: Mitch Bennett, Matt Fischvogt ADs: Wes Whitener, Ryan O'Hara Theisen Editor: Erin Gurdziel Photographers: Kyle Hood, Eric Connor Dimensional Designer/CW (Poster Boxes): Chad Lynch

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