Global Warming's Hot Button

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An anti-global warming multimedia effort is underway to generate political pressure via an online petition at On behalf of a nonprofit called Environmental Defense, from a New York agency called Green Team, comes a paid consumer campaign that consists of print and online ads, viral e-cards, collateral (T-shirts and condom wrappers-no kidding) and direct mail postcards. Tagged "Cut the emissions. Sign the petition," Green Team CD Jimmie Stone, whose shop specializes in environmental advertising, explains the strategy: "It's time to take God off the hook for global warming. Global warming is obviously a human-made issue. We did it. We can undo it. So we contrasted that against images of other mistakes that were obviously human-made, to say that some things we can't undo in this life. This one, we can."

Client: Environmental Defense Agency: Green Team CDs: Hugh Hough, Jimmie Stone ADs: Brian Hurewitz, Take Yasui, Jeffrey Lin CWs: Hank Stewart, Jose Letelier

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