Great balls of fire

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Upscale sex shop Coco de Mer is recovering from a history of great orgasmic campaigns in favor of two scenes that are categorically unsexy. Our post-coital offerings include an ambitious bookworm confidently charting her future reign as CEO of a powerful company, to the reveal that she wants it because all the guys will want to sleep with her. Another soul in need of some urgent booty works at a grody soup kitchen with a comely partner because "if I don't shag Sandy soon, my balls will explode." The two spots serve to show that a) sex drives our actions more than we admit and b) perhaps the boys at the FCC could use a visit to Coco de Mer. And for those who miss the orgasms, you get a tiny but satisfying taste behind the company logo.

Client: Coco de Mer Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi/London CW: Leo Premutico AD: Jan Jacobs Director: Tom Vaughan/HLA Editor: Adam Spivey/Speade Postproduction: The Moving Picture Co. Sound: Michael Powell/Triangle

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