Grey Goose

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Grey Goose, the alleged "best-tasting vodka in the world"-funny, isn't vodka tasteless?-has a slew of TV :15s that are so retro, you'd think Bill Bernbach himself might've worked on them. They're cheap, simple and topped with a Golden Age product-shot rack focus, and they all hinge on a snappy line of dialogue, delivered directly to the camera-usually by a very cool bartender, playing up the product's no doubt completely undeserved reputation as the ne plus ultra of vodkas. We've taken to asking for it by name in bars ourselves, just to be idiotically trendy. Nevertheless, lines like: "Remember to always have a designated driver-or as Grey Goose drinkers like to call them, chauffeurs"; "There's one way to make sure a woman never throws a drink in your face" [knowingly nudges bottle toward camera]; and "Remember, when you drink, drink responsibly" [knowingly nudges bottle toward camera], are martini perfect.

Client: Grey Goose Agency: DeVito/Verdi CD: Sal DeVito CWs: Jeremy Pippenger, Dan Giachetti, Vincent Tulley, Joe Schrack, Mike Abell, Anthony DeCarolis, Erik Fahrenkopf, Wayne Winfield, Brad Emmett, Rob Carducci, Pierre Lipton, John Wood ADs: Sal DeVito, Emmanuel Santos John Clement Colin Kim Agency Producer: Barbara Michelson Director: Mark Jacoby/Giraldi Suarez Editor: Jerry Fried/Red Car

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