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Dean Hacohen

ECD, Lowe/N.Y.

Jeff Kling


1. Nike "Masks"

Five athletes-Albert Pujols, Brian Urlacher, Torii Hunter, Mariano Rivera and Ben Roethlisberger-wear primal masks and warm up in spandex undergarments.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy/Portland CDs: Mike Byrne, Hal Curtis CW: Mark Fitzloff AD: Storm Tharp Director: Tarsem/ Editor: Robert Duffy Song: "Migration" Artist: Cop Shoot Cop

DH: The thing I like best about this intense warrior warmup? The music. Without question, the visual idea and graphic intercuts are riveting. But the soundtrack is spine-tingling from start to finish. A suspenseful trill underneath sucks you in and pulls you through to the other side. I just wish when you got there, the end title "For Warriors" was as surprising as the spot. (3 stars)

JK: Friends of mine did this, so I'm "qualifying" my review: This is a really crappy, stupid ad. First, where's Jim Carrey? Don't call yourself "Mask" if you don't have Jim Carrey. "Poor Man's Cheap, Fake Mask" is more like it. Second, what's with all this being "interesting" crap? Do people care if your brand is "interesting?" The more you research consumer psychographics, I think you'll find the answer is "No." People want coupons. The logo is too small, anyway. No stars

2. Peugeot

Cars hide from the predatory, catlike Peugeot.

Client: Peugeot Agency: BETC Euro RSCG, Paris/Euro RSCG Worldwide CD: Remi Babinet AD: Remy Tricot CW: Olivier Couradjut Photographer: Marc Gouby

DH: The car is stealthy and threatening. And other cars fear it? I guess. But at first I thought it was the cars hiding in the shadows that were being more surreptitious and catlike. Had the ad been for Jaguar, I would have quickly read "menacing jungle cat" into the word "feline." Nice ad. Wrong logo? (3 stars)

JK: My opinion on this must be qualified, as a French office of my own agency did it; an office on whose talent I may occasionally need to rely for help. That said, everyone knows there's no such car as a "Peugeot," so these were obviously created solely to win awards-a deplorable practice. No stars

3. QUIKSILVER, "Popcorn"

Snowboarders fly over a hill to the sounds of an air popper.

Agency: 72andSunny CDs: Glenn Cole, John Boiler, Natas Kaupas Director: Charles Wittenmeier/Area 51

DH: Nice, simple juxtaposition of snowboarders "getting air" against a clean SFX of popcorn popping. Boarders refer to it as "popping," so the metaphor resonates with the target. But even if you don't know that term, you get the idea. The last two straggling pops add to the realism of the track. Nice touch. (4 Stars)

JK: My opinion on this, too, must be qualified, as friends did them. I have so many friends! Anyhoo: when I first saw this, it made me smile. It's nice and assed-out. Then someone said, "I think John [Boiler] and Glenn [Cole] did this," and my smile evaporated. I can't stand to have friends succeed at anything. From this black, insecure vantage point, I am able to find manifold reasons why this crappy, dumb spot is stupid, along with the rest of the campaign. Trust me. It's really not good at all, once you think about it. No stars

4. Tabasco "RV"

The trailer's a-rockin'-but the couple's not knockin.' They're really shaking the Tabasco sauce onto meat as a marinade.

Agency: DDB/Dallas CD: Craig Cooper CW: Rustie Kaster AD: Briony Wilson Director: Keith Rose/[email protected]

DH: The minute there's an implication that two people are going at it, you know there's a misdirect coming. The is a reliable old chestnut, and the message seems thin. (2 stars)

JK: This is really, really outrageous. You think this RV's rocking because people are having sex in it. (Ever heard of the "Rule Book"? Guess not!) Then, when the camera takes you into the RV, you (the viewer) are shocked to discover that the rocking hasn't been from sex, but from a couple shaking bottles of Tabasco. As a parting treat, the shakers look disdainfully at you (the viewer) as if to ask, "What, did you think, we were having sex in here or something?" Ha! (4 stars)

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