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Jason Gaboriau

Creative Director

Amalgamated, N.Y.

Cal McAllister

Creative Director

Wexley School for Girls, Seattle

1. Olympus (Europe) "Red-Eyed Baby"

In a creepy-feeling spot for digital photograpy, a man and a woman try to get rid of a red-eyed baby by hiding it in the closet.

Agency: Springer & Jacoby/Amsterdam Worldwide CD: Aris Theophilakis CD: Murray White Senior CW: Sharon Cleary Senior AD: Chris Pugmire Director: Noam Murro/Biscuit Filmworks Production Company (Europe): Tony Petersen Film, Hamburg Editor: Russell Icke/The Whitehouse

JG: Very well executed. Great actors. Great music. I wish the idea was a little more original. We have all seen the "take better pictures" direction before with the evil red eye but they executed it really well. (3 stars)

CM: I am generally a nice guy. But my new satanic mustache is jaded and critical. So, I thought we'd both review the work. First, it warmed my icy heart to know I'm not alone. Can that infant spin his evil head 360 degrees, as I can? I'd say "Red-Eyed Baby" was unexpected, but, hell, I live that life. It's practically a documentary. Hilarious, at my expense. This terrified my new mustache. My mustache, recently in a focus group, said, "Cal, although you like it, you may not know if other Red-Eyes will be offended by it." True. (4 stars)

2. Dairy Queen "Killer Bee"

A scientist learns to speak bee so that he can take his colleague's ice cream. He instructs a killer bee to sting the colleague, then accidentally dies himself. The tag? "Worth dying for."

Agency: Grey Worldwide/N.Y. ECD: Jonathan Rodgers CD/CW: Ari Halper CD/AD: Steve Krauss CW: Stu Mair AD: Janet Ricards Director: Baker Smith/Harvest Director (Tabletop): Michael Somoroff/MacGuffin Editor: Sherri Margulies/Crew Cuts

JG: Classic gag and tag with a button. It is trying so hard to be funny in some places but it's still better than 99.9% of advertising. I also like that it is from Grey. (2 stars)

CM: "Hey, new mustache, this is pretty funny," I said. But my new mustache pointed out the spot unnecessarily uses multiple cliche comedy tricks. 1) East Indian accent. 2) Button. (Actually, my mustache said, "Another crappy button? Christ...") New mustache was like, "See, they tried to make it funny, it was already funny." I said, "Well, they shot it nice." New mustache said, "Whatev. This is for Creativity. Not Clichetivity." (2 stars)

3. Zodiac Vodka

"Official Sponsor of Everything"

A vodka company produces a series of lighthearted print ads in bold colors.

Client: Zodiac Vodka Agency: Freelance CW: Tom Mullen AD: Gregory Malphurs

JG: I can't tell if I think liquor advertising is easy or hard. It's not always easy to have a wide-open brief. The lines aren't bad. It's just that they could just be for anything. (1 star)

CM: This campaign pissed off my mustache. "Zero degree of difficulty, yet it manages to under deliver," new mustache said. "Wordy, yet no substance." I responded, "Hey, new mustache, at least the art direction makes you feel sickly drunk." New mustache got frustrated. "Listen, people will think you're hiding behind your facial hair. Like I was a beard or something." So I said, "Huh, right. This stinks, which is hard for vodka." I'm sure they're good dudes, though. No stars.

4. GE "Ecomagination"

A banner ad features birds flying in the shape of an airplane, and leads to GE's home site for "Ecomagination."

Client: GE Agency: Syrup CCO: Andreas Combuechen CD: Arturo Aranda CW: John Heath AD: Ron Lent Production Company: Visual Goodness Producer: Jeremy Villano Director of Development: Steve Longbons

JG: I thought it was nice. Clean design. Then I clicked on it and got some strange Corporate Guy on a cartoon background talking about the environment. It was like some bizarro Snow White. Very scary. I am very scared. (1 star)

CM: This banner is nice and clean, I thought. But my new mustache said "birds as airplane" has been done a gabazillion times. So has "reveal the headline by removing stuff." Man, I'd hate to have to show work to my new mustache. My mustache heard that, and said if I had a brain bigger than an ostrich's, shiny crap wouldn't distract me from mediocrity. So I said, "Relax, tough guy with Tom Selleck-envy." (2 stars)

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