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Steve Stone

Creative Director

Heat, San Francisco

lance Jensen

Creative Director

Modernista, Boston "Falling in Love"

A loving couple cannot unlock their eyes and they stumble about as a result.

Agency: Hanft Raboy & Partners/N.Y. CDs: Doug Raboy, Sean LaBounty GCD: David Herbruck CW: Nathan Manske ADs: Josh Webman, Maggie Bradshaw Director: Jim Hosking/Partizan Editor: Carlos Arias/Final Cut

LJ: Not a bad spot, very British, very same-paced, full of odd characters that England loves so much. It's fine, but it seems to me that love is a pretty fertile territory to dig into, and simply making moon eyes at each other is just scratching the surface. (one star)

SS: The "can't take your eyes off each other" is kind of a funny idea. And it's executed pretty well with that British something-is-off humor and interesting faces. But look at the end title. There is something there that really caught my eye. There is a guarantee. Yes, a guarantee for love. I think the exact words are "Guaranteed to make love happen within six months or your money back." Man, what a great brief that would have been. (2 stars)

2. Kia "Downtown"

A proselytizer rouses the public to believe they deserve a Kia.

Client: Kia Agency: Davidandgoliath CCO: David Angelo GCD: Ray Johnson ACD/CW: Chuck Meehan ACD/AD: Will Chau Director: Tony Kaye/Supply & Demand Editor: Steve Prestemon/Cosmo Street

LJ: Guy yelling about setting the working people stuck in concrete jungle free with cheap SUV. Who cares? These kinds of car ads will be around forever, I'm afraid. I have to admit I've done a few myself, but I'm not sure I would want someone knowing that I did it. Totally unremarkable in every sense. Sorry, guys, feel free to rag on me sometime and keep fighting the good fight. No stars

SS: Someone told me if I trash the ads everyone will think I'm an a-hole. But I have to say this spot is begging for something funny to happen. Perhaps at the end of his monologue the passenger's window could have rolled down and the girl inside could have said "Dad, you're making a really bad commercial." Or maybe the cop should have given him a ticket. He is parked on the sidewalk. Sorry for being an a-hole, I've had a tough week. No stars

3. Hed Salon "May your will be done"

Religious iconography shows off some lovely 'dos.

Agency: Amen.Epoxy, Montreal CD/CW: Nicolas Massey AD: Carl Robichaud Illustrator: Phillippe Nadeau

LJ: These ads look good. They will look good in someone's book. But they won't do shit for the client, other than look good on their walls. There is a degree of difficulty in advertising: Bank ads are harder than ads for tattoo parlors, sex shops and hair salons. These categories don't even belong in student books anymore, in my opinion. These may be real, but they taste fake to me. Tell the art director to call me, though. Wait, maybe they did work after all. (one star)

SS: Jesus. These paintings are pretty cool. I'm not really sure I get these ads, but I must say they certainly made me think twice about my current hair style. The tagline suggests that at Hed you'll get a really bitchin' cut and then probably die soon after-so make sure you know who is going to inherit your stuff. Interesting. I think that's one angle Supercuts or Vidal Sassoon hasn't tried yet. (one star)

4. Kodak "Gallery"

A virtual gallery displays and demonstrates photo printing, cellphone photography, online digital galleries, and more by using different characters with different needs who are touring the gallery themselves.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather ECD: Jan Leth CD: David Shavrick CWs: Simon Foster, Keith Byrne ADs: Cynthia Dauzier, Alastair Green Project Manager: Frida Taylor Programmers: Josh Spaulding, Peter Ng, Greg Galpern

LJ: I'll be the first to admit I'm not so into the web. Who has the time? That being said, this does a nice job of explaining to the average person what this digital photo shit is all about. It has the same taste as those egalitarian, "Hey, we're all one big happy multicultural wired world here" vibe that IBM is so good at. It's fine, and nicely designed, easy to use and the casting is nice. It's not breaking any new ground, but that's OK. It's not confusing, which is 90 percent of the battle when it comes to getting people to embrace a new way of doing the same old thing. It's a good place for Kodak to be. (two stars)

SS: This thing is pretty impressive. Very mature, well thought out and feels like the brand. Sure makes you aware that Kodak isn't just about film anymore. The navigation is nice and taking the tour is actually kind of cool. The casting is great and some of the photos are amazing. However, the "Keep, protect, share" delivery at the end is a little corny. The only thing missing from the gallery were photos of Pytka making the writer cry and punching the art director. (two stars)

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