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Jeroen Bours

Executive Creative Director

Hill, Holliday/N.Y.

Jonathan Cude

Senior VP-Group Creative Director

McKinney + Silver, Raleigh, N.C.

1. Coca Cola "I Wish"

In a one-take :60, a singing woman spreads happiness by distributing Cokes to amazed strangers.

Agency: Mother/London Director: Ringan Ledwidge/Small Family Business

JB: Go back to the roots of the Coca-Cola brand and what happens? This amazing spot is what happens. It stands in a world that hasn't changed much since "I'd like to teach the world to sing." It teaches us to stick to the roots of a brand and live with it. It teaches us to stay simple once the idea is great. I wish a lot of people had the same reaction I did, with chills running down my spine. 4 stars

JC: This is a nice, harmless spot. It's well executed, and the young lady's voice is pleasant. The single take is kind of cool. I guess consumers will feel good about Coke after watching this. But as a critical ad person, I have to wonder: is this Coke's answer to solving world problems? If everyone just drank more Coke we'd all be happier and not worry so much about WMDs? Just have a Coke and a smile. Or as the super says, enjoy "The real world of Coca-Cola." 2 stars

2. Budweiser "Glasses"

Bud drinkers all over the world enjoy a cold brew.

Agency: DDB/Chicago CCO: Bob Scarpelli GCD: John Immesoete CD/CW: Barry Burdiak CD/AD: John Hayes ACD/CW: Geoff McCartney ACD/AD: Dick Tracy Agency Producer: Kent Kwiatt Prod. Co.: Digital Kitchen

JB: Boring, boring. What a pity. Having the chance to go around the world with beer, or just make it look that way and have some music, different glasses and a few people sit around drinking in your commercial is a missed opportunity. And that's the safe way to describe this spot. It's interesting to see how people who work on a monumental brand like this find it enough to put music, closeups of beer, and, oh yeah, "young people" together and slam it shut with the word "True." Advertising like this belongs on Meet the Press. No stars.

JC: I like the Budweiser "True" campaign. Some of the spots have been great, insightful and very funny. This is not one of them. Wish I'd gone on the shoot, though. 1 star

3. Puma "Recording Studio"

The Jamaican Olympic team, a jammin' reggae session, and magically appearing Pumas.

Agency: Gyro/Philadelphia ECD: Steve Grasse AD: Ron Pushkar Agency Producer: Kristi Tropp Director: Robert Jitzmark/Hungry Man

JB: What a great assignment. Puma asking an agency to show sponsorship of the Jamaican Olympic team. OK, let's see, we have two options. On Jamaica, as we think we know, the Jamaicans are either doing grass or music, and the former is hard to get by a client. So let's follow the cliche of the singing Jamaican. The rest of the spot is fun. Shot right, edited right, fun to watch. But totally expected. 2 stars

JC: It's hard to be too critical of this spot because it's so, uh, whimsica. Puma is basically a fashion brand. And despite its sponsorship of the Jamaican Olympic team, I think adidas and Nike can breathe easy in the arena of serious athletic footwear. It's smart to do an ad that basically has nothing to do with anything except making Puma seem fun, freaky and high as a kite. Puma is the official shoe of taking a recreational break from recording sessions. 3 stars

Lipton "Office Cheerleader"

An office drone explains how a soupy snack at 3 p.m. helps her stay annoying.

Agency: JWT/N.Y. ECD/AD: Eric Steinhauser Deputy ECD: Nat Whitten CD/CW: Jon Krevolin Agency Producer: Rob Farber Director: Bryan Buckley/Hungry Man

JB: At one point, the star of this spot tells you that even she thinks she can be irritating. Well, she is. And that's the point, and that strategy clearly shows through-that a cup of soup can perk you up. In the case of this woman, she should be arrested if she has soup one more time. There's an idea here, and don't fire the cast yet, but why not let viewers discover the power of this perky product for themselves? The fact that this soup can be so effective in curing the 3 p.m. slump should lead to funny situations. Yet, this spot isn't funny, it's irritating. 1 star

JC: The Office Cheerleader does strike a chord of truth. Isn't there someone vaguely reminiscent of that in most offices? Doesn't everyone have that post-lunch, mid-afternoon let down? This chick looks like her soup was laced with cocaine, but the point is clearly made. Just a couple hits of Lipton and you can be annoyingly perky all day long. It's a fun spot that makes the product a reason to be. 3 stars

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