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Mike's Hard Lemonade used to do idiotic comedy at Cliff Freeman; now it does idiotic comedy at The Ad Store. But the latest spots welcome women into the idiocy, along with a certain base level of eros, equal parts The Man Show and Sex in the City. We deem this good. One features a typically relentless sleazy-guy come-on in a bar, the guy finally getting his comeuppance via a truly atomic headbutt, unexpectedly delivered by the put-upon hottie. The other, selling something called Mike's Hard Lime, features a guy whose serpentine tongue reaches to the bottom of the bottle, to lick every last drop. A trio of mesmerized babes at the bar look on with intrigued wonder, and one says, of course, "I'd like one of those." Deliciously louche.

Client: Mike's Hard Lemonade Agency: The Ad Store/N.Y. CDs: Brian Flatow, Paul Cappelli AD: Tim Shaw CW: Yvonne LaRosa Agency Producer: Katya Bankowsky Director: Mark Tiedemann/Celsius Films Editor: Alex Frowein/Fluid Effects: Radium Music: Fluid

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