Heidegger's Film Philosophy

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Toronto's Worldwide Short Film Festival, which opens this month, gets a treatment, via a slew of :30s, that's somewhat reminiscent of comedy work seen for IFC, but that can only be a good thing. There's this pompous idiot of a cinema professor by the sublime name of Ian Heidegger, who's teaching a class of increasingly disillusioned students the art of short-film techniques, which are all about cutting corners and being as unsubtle as possible. Like clipping a burning cigarette to your crotch to create the misty ambience of the Scottish moors, or simply twisting the nipple of the Good Guy to establish the Bad Guy. Kudos to actor Alan Catlin and Canadian ad auteur Tim Godsall for a series of very juicy performances.

Client: Worldwide Short Film Festival Agency: Taxi CD: Zak Mroueh CWs: Peter Breton, David Douglass Agency Producer: Sam Benson Director: Tim Godsall/Untitled Editor: Brian Wells/Third Floor Editing Music: Rene Bharti/Company X

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