Don't Do This at Home

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KesselsKramer and 55DSL are at it again with the latest demented "home"-themed campaign, with photography by mask/prosthetics master Jean-Pierre Khazem. As KK strategist Chris Barrett points out, this "feel at home" concept is "kind of odd" for what is, after all, a casual clothing line, but that can only be a good thing for this client, and it's indeed "a longterm strategy for 55DSL. It's an ironic take on the fact that these are 'outside' urban products," Barrett explains. "It's also about feeling at home wherever you are, whoever you're with." But at the same time, "the idea here is that your home is where most accidents happen, so be careful. It's an ironic take on all the safety warnings on things like kitchen knives and irons." Other ads feature a guy whose face is being sucked into a vacuum cleaner, and a dolt suffering serious burns because he's wearing a waffle iron as a hat-call it waffle irony.

Client: 55 DSL Agency: KesselsKramer, Amsterdam Strategy: Chris Barrett AD: Ewoudt Boonstra CW: Job van Dijk Print Prod.: Pieter Leenderste, Jeannette van Luttik Photography: Jean-Pierre Khazem

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