Howlingly Good

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Wrigley's Eclipse mints and gum get comedy treatments that are a breath of fresh air, mainly thanks to a spot in which two actors, one in clutter-busting Wolfman makeup, have an intimate between-takes conversation about the nasty stuff he just ate and how Eclipse has effectively defanged the result. The gum spot is a more-familiar links parody, in which a golfer and his caddy seem to be gesticulating at great length about a difficult putt when in fact they're talking about what the caddy ate and how Eclipse . . . you know the rest.

Client: Eclipse Agency: BBDO/Chicago CCO: Marty Orzio GCD/CW: Jim Hyman GCD/AD: Gail Pollack Director: Tim Godsall/Biscuit Filmworks Editor: Andre Betz/Bug Editorial

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