The Ides of February

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Hello [NYC], a New York graphic design and communications studio founded by Germans-which may explain why a friendly Hello is juxtaposed with [NYC], surely an oxymoron-has its first book out, a wee thing whose size belies its activist punch. Titled 2/15: The Day the World Said NO to War, the $24.95 mini tome, created by Hello co-founder Connie Koch, and co-published by Hello and the AK Press, is a collection of photographs and quotes from 38 countries documenting the events on and around Feb. 15, 2003, when 30 million people around the world demonstrated for peace. What Hello calls a grassroots internet approach to soliciting submissions for 2/15 resulted in more than 2,500 entries from some 40 countries in a matter of weeks, submitted by professional photographers, stock archives and amateurs. Speaking of hometown flava, some signs from New York demonstrations seen in the book include: "Bush's war is gonna fail, kinda like he did at Yale"; and "Somewhere in Texas a village is missing an idiot." See and for more info.
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