Inside the brand: 10 Cane launch

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"Everyone has his own way of discovering a brand, says Mother/N.Y.'s Linus Karlsson, discussing the approach that he and his creative team took to building Moet Hennessy's 10 Cane rum brand from scratch. "You just want to build a world that's as rich as possible." Given just a bottle design, brand crest and some creative license, the Mother team has produced a launch and brand identity that includes print executions, films, a truly interactive website, parties to introduce the brand to bartenders, and a magazine that chronicles the brand's evolution, which happened on a trip to the rum's source, the distillery and sugar cane fields on the island of Trinidad. The result is a mix of the tropical elegance of the drink's homeland, with an approachable sense of humor that can be found in its crooked orange label and the monkey that sits atop its crest. Much of the creative inspiration and material come from a trip that the Mother team took to Trinidad. "It was a situation where we were going to shoot a library of images for the brand," Karlsson says. "Because we built it from scratch, we didn't have any images. We wanted to document the distillery and we started meeting people and a kind of story appeared more or less in front of our eyes. It became our job to document it, and I kept shooting and documenting these guys. It was something that just happened." The results are the film and magazine, in which people met along the way-a driver named Sir Royalty, a bartender named Kelvin, and Barnes, a 5-foot-tall accordion player-become characters that embody the 10 Cane story. "It's an iconic, simple and generous brand," says Karlsson. "There's richness and texture to the brand that you can discover. It is also a story about the product and the care for detail. The magazine really elaborates on that. It's a mix of product and story."

Client: Moet Hennessy Agency: Mother/N.Y. CDs: Linus Karlsson, Paul Malmstrom CW: Todd Lamb AD: Sean Carmody Director: Linus Karlsson/Mother Editor: Luis Moreno/Jump Sound Design: Bradley Warren Composer: Jon Rekdal III VFX: Manic Online Editor: Nick Sasso Design: Sean Carmody, Dave Mashburn Art Buyer: Karla Olmedo Photographer: Lars Topelmann/Virtu

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