The Kid Rocks

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It all started when Sean Keenan (who's not an adman but is the writer on these spots) and Shannon Brice developed a routine at a Charlotte, N.C., comedy club, in which a "talking baby" - i.e., a handheld doll from a bargain bin - reviews movies. (He handles the doll and she, seen above, interacts with it.) And, in a rare ad fairy tale, this has burgeoned to the point where creatively feisty but relatively small potatoes local shop Boone Oakley has risen from the boondocks to snag the grotesquely prominent MTV2 promo gig - which further distinguishes itself by being possibly the cheapest, most primitive piece of funny business ever to see the national glare. We're deeply impressed by anything that makes Triumph the Insult Comic Dog look high-tech.

Client: MTV2 Agency: Boone/Oakley CD/AD: John Boone CD: David Oakley AD: Rory Odani CW: Sean Keenan Dir.: Mortimer Jones/Boulevard Films

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