Levi's Bags It

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Levi's latest TV work for Europe imports Hispanic-tinged New York street 'tude-which, oddly, is something almost never seen in its work here, Hispanic or otherwise. On behalf of Anti-Fit jeans-have ridiculously baggy pants just hit Europe?-one spot features a wiseass Latino commenting on his slovenly, oversized attire vis-a-vis that of a stoic, nattily-suited black doorman at a club, who never flinches, though we're rooting for him to crush the kid like a bug. Elsewhere, a guy trying to impress a counter girl puts chocolate sauce on his hotdog, by way of illustrating how opposites can be good-witness his skinny ass in his baggy pants. He nearly retches when he tries to eat the choco-dog; but his pants rock. In a third spot, an apparent fashion vicitm is sorely embarrassed as he's questioned about why his pants are so tight. He probably likes choco-dogs, too.

Client: Levi's (Europe) Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty/London CD: Stephen Butler AD/CWs: Stephen Butler, Nick Gill Agency Producer: Nerine Soper Director: Speck & Gordon/Omaha Pictures Editor: Andrea McCarther/The Mill

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