Lingua Spanka

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Dairy Queen goes after Gen Z with a vengeance with an Xtreme sight gag of uncommon brilliance. A guy who talks like Elmer Fudd tells us why he likes DQ's Brownie Blizzard-'cause it's much safer than real brownies. Then we get a flashback to a month earlier when Mr. Genius licked the blades of an electric beater while his wife was making brownies. It was still plugged in, and of course it went on and did something really nasty to his tongue which is presented on camera, with no less than three cutaways to his horrified, screaming wife, who, if there's an Emmy for Best Reaction Shot in an Xtreme Comedy Commercial, is a shoo-in for this prize. In another spot, a woman wearing a blindfold at a taste test attempts to run away with her DQ treat, and she bounces real hard off a door. Decent.

Client: Dairy Queen Agency: Grey Worldwide/N.Y. ECD: Jonathan Rodgers CD/CW: Ari Halper CD/AD: Steve Krauss Director: Baker Smith/Harvest Editors: Chuck Willis, Bill Cramer/Crew Cuts Music: Joe Sicurella/Face the Music

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