Liquid Sin

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A Crsipin Porter + Bogusky/L.A. project for European La Fee absinthe, which was produced back when Sally Hogshead was CD at Crispin's L.A. office, has just surfaced, via director Mike Carp at Lunarfish films. It's finally airing, but so far only in Italy and the Czech Republic. Titled "Sip," it takes place in a dark bar, as we see a girl taking a drink of the product and passing the illicit (in the U.S.) elixir to the guy on the barstool next to her via a kiss. This continues down the bar-it's only a :30-backed by a metal-funk score, till we get to the tagline, "Sip. Swap. Swallow." There's a nice lesbian liplock along the way, incidentally. The chain kiss is presented in a music video-ish jump-cutty style, however, that's light years from real time. At any rate, "We wanted to capture that 3 a.m.-and-anything-goes vibe," says Hogshead. "The way things look when you've been out a little too late and things start crossing the line. In a good way. It was definitely the most interesting casting session I've attended. The audition was basically to find out who was the hottest kisser. So we put on some music, passed out Altoids, offered up a round of shots, and said, 'OK, go at it.' " We can't wait for the outtakes. Interestingly, the spot has been banned in the U.K., France and Germany, among other countries, all of which sell the product. Laws mandate that liquor ads cannot imply that "drinkers will have more successful sexual endeavors," according to Lunarfish.

Client: BBH Spirits Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky/L.A. CD: Sally Hogshead AD: Valerie Ang-Powell CWs: Robin Fitzgerald, Sally Hogshead Director: Michael Carp/Lunarfish Editors: Michael Carp/Lunarfish,Jay Goodman/Goodman Design, Claus Hansen/Riot Effects: Claus Hansen/Riot Music & Sound Design: David Della Santa, Jimmy Harned/Tone Farmer/Rebar Sound

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