Mad River's Mad Packaging

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Even if the reels of Mad River Post's editors weren't packed with top-drawer commercials cuts, they'd be worth a look for the slightly hypnotic design of their fashionably slender cases. As part of a redesign of its larger brand ID, Mad River has created a distinct new look for the packaging of each of its editors' work. Under shop principal Krystn Wagenberg and Mad River designer/filmmaker Travis Kopach, each reel has received a unique visual interpretation, wrapped with images from films and designs created by Kopach. So, editor Stephane Dumonceau has a beautiful, ghostly presence, with an elongated, blurred figure against a pale background-stills from Kopach's film Lost; and Emily Dennis has a series of repeating stills of hands reaching upward, from Kopach's "glorified mind fucks." Variations on the cover image appear inside the case and on the disc. "My goal has always been to feel that excitement and energy of the creative process," says Wagenberg. "The DVDs are an extension of that. Mad River Post is a place, no matter which city or office you're in." Kopach says the reel designs are purposefully "not generic; they're not meant to ease you into the disc tucked inside. They're there for you to be somewhere else."
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