Making Nice With Pisces

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We love it when packaged goods get surreal. For Mrs. Paul's frozen fish filets, FCB simply puts a big, upright, rubbery animatronic fish on a swing in a playground, and on a squash court, its mouth making vague sucking movements. People slowly back away in fright, or they just stand there looking stunned, and one naive little girl who tries to touch the fish is saved by her mommy. "Uncomfortable around fish?" the nerd-guy voiceover asks. "Then try blah blah blah," with the requisite tabletop shot, which looks none too appealing, incidentally. This is a letdown, which leads to the predictable "Get comfortable with fish" super. But things are going swimmingly in the first part of the action, and half a great fish spot is better than none.

Client: Mrs. Paul's Agency: FCB/N.Y. CCO: Chris Becker GCDs: Sandy Greenberg, Terri Meyer CW: Gerald Cuesta AD: Howard Ronay Director: The Perlorian Brothers/Reginald Pike, Biscuit Editor: Steve Hamilton/Mad Mad Judy Music/Sound Design: Human

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