The Nature of Nurture

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To boost enrollment for the Art Center College of Design's Art Center At Night program, Art Center alums at WongDoody created a pro-bono brainstorm. An ongoing campaign of print ads and guerrilla postcards and flyers "depict creativity in its rawest, most iconic form: the right side of the human brain," explains the agency. The all-Art Center grad team includes WongDoody CD Tracy Wong and senior AD Eric Goldstein, as well as photographers Jonah Light and Comrade. "This is a great opportunity to show Art Center and its teachers what we learned from them while helping them out at the same time," says Wong. "Hopefully, we'll also inspire a student or two along the way." Not to mention some future neurosurgeons. This brain getting suckled idea could be seen as quite the "ewwwwwww"; did the client have any problem with this, even if it was being offered gratis? "Actually, it wasn't a tough sell at all," says Goldstein. "Art Center is the type of school that teaches its advertising students to think visually and in unexpected ways to make an impact. When they saw this work, they realized that it embodied the spirit of what the school teaches, regardless of the 'gross factor' that the images might possess."

Client: Art Center College of Design Agency: WongDoody, L.A. CD: Tracy Wong CW: Tom Hamling AD: Eric Goldstein Photographers: Jonah Light, Comrade Model Maker: Ed French

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