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According to Parker Hanni-fin, which claims to be the global leader in motion and control systems and technologies, engineers aren't like most people. Nor are the company's first-ever TV spots, from Cleveland agency Brokaw, like most corporate work; which is to say, this "Anything Possible" campaign is actually funny. To show how engineers see the world differently, we get inspired scenes in which science types can't see the forest for the trees in the real world, but this only helps them to have eureka! tech moments. Most outstanding is a pair of nerds in a restaurant checking out a pair of hotties; it turns out they were indeed watching the chicks with fascination, but only because they were having an epiphany about the manipulation of chopsticks - cut to the lab, where they've devised a robot arm.

Client: Parker Hannifin Agency: Brokaw CD: Greg Thomas CW: Tim Brokaw AD: Brian Gillen Agency Producer: Ellen Stafford Director: Kevin Smith/Backyard Productions Editor: Bob Mori/Coop

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