Orbit comes around Again

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Orbit gum and Energy BBDO (formerly known as BBDO/Chicago) continue a familiar photog-driven campaign with ingratiatingly bizarre new executions, including these two, the bees shot by Guido Vitti, the bubble by Nadav Kander. Hey, are those real bees? "Unfortunately, Guido is allergic to bees," says CD Mike Roe. "So we used real bees. Real, but dead." What's that on the woman's face-honey? "It's a smattering of mud. Proof that she not only believes in hard work but gets the occasional itch." As for the Kander shot, it's a continuation of his earlier lampshade campaign for Orbit, which was never intended as a nod to Magritte, says CD Frank Dattalo. "The lampshade was simply a nice device that allowed us to demonstrate the benefit of a bright smile. This bubblegum ad simply carries through on the same approach-obscuring the face-while paying off the new flavor." As for the twisted styling, right down to that curiously sappy necklace, "it's all part of the story."

Client: Wrigley Agency: Energy BBDO, Chicago CCO: Marty Orzio GCD: Jim Hyman CDs: Mike Roe, Frank Dattalo AD: Jennifer Meinders CW: Ernest Mayes Print Producer: Jackie Lapides Photographers: Guido Vitti, Nadav Kander

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