Playin' Possum

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Hello, PETA? Can you take a break from Anna Wintour and do something about these damn cycling freaks!? What is that roadkill, anyway? "It's supposed to be a possum," explains TDA's Jonathan Byrne. "We faked it with some help from a taxidermy shop. There's been a little individual outcry, but nothing from a major organization. A lot of people e-mailed the client and magazines to send their props, as well. So, if nothing else, it's getting noticed." But this wasn't simply done in an effort to be outrageous; "When your client's bike costs as much as some cars-$8,000-it seems appropriate to treat it like one."

Client: Litespeed Bicycles Agency: TDA Advertising & Design, Denver CD: Jonathan Schoenberg CW: Jonathan Schoenberg, Jeremy Seibold AD: Thomas Dooley, Jonathan Byrne Photographer: Brooks Freehill

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