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We've never seen an anti-violence against women campaign that packs a punch like this. In one spot, a woman enters the conference room when a meeting's already in progress. A guy gets up, decks her with a good right and starts yelling at her for being late, while she cowers in a hysterical heap on the floor. Super: "It's not acceptable from him. It's not acceptable from a partner." In another spot, a hottie lays an atomic bitch slap on her waitress for bringing the wrong order, then proceeds to viciously verbally abuse the teary tips-taker. In a third spot, a chubster trying on a way too tight skirt and belly shirt in a store is scathingly berated by the male clerk for looking "disgusting" and "gross."

Client: My Sisters' Place Agency: Lowe/N.Y. CCO: Gary Goldsmith ECD: Dean Hacohen CW: Molly Schachner AD: Desirre Jones Director: Dominic Murphy/Partizan Editor: Kirk Baxter/Final Cut Sound Design: Tim Barnes/Quakebasket

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