Poppin' and lockin' in the rain

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Hollywood has been remaking old movies with new stars for years, but in this Madison Avenue remake of hoofer Gene Kelly's classic scene from Singin' in the Rain, he still gets the starring role, even though he shuffled off to Buffalo in 1996. Remixing the music is just the beginning; after head replacement, "Kelly" can pop and lock, backflip and twirl around that iconic lamppost like a video star instead of a tap dancer. In the end, he does a double-take when a Golf GTI is parked on his puddle-lined street. Then we get the connection: "The original, updated."

Client: Volkswagen (U.K.) Agency: DDB/London CD: Jeremy Craigen Creatives: Steve Jones, Martin Lorraine Director: Ne-O/Stink Editor: Tim Thornton-Allen/Marshall Street

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