PS2: Mountain Do

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It was about time for Frank Budgen to make another award-winning dazzler, and while it hardly has the charm of Nike's "Tag," this U.K. PS2 spot's got a hell of a lot more people in it. Extras are climbing all over each other as they accumulate into digital mountains of infinite humanity, all trying to rise to the top of, presumably, the videogame-playing heap-as the voice of Shirley Temple is enlisted for a bizzarely retro exhortation to "Get on board." (See p. 51 for the lowdown on the post magic.) What would ordinarily be a trampling tragedy of unprecedented proportions, and is oddly alarming in and of itself in this post 9/11 world, is strangely presented as good clean fun. The Brits: go figure.

Client: PlayStation 2 (U.K.) Agency: TBWA/London CD: Trevor Beattie Agency Creatives: Tony McTear, Paula Marcantonio Director: Frank Budgen/Gorgeous Enterprises Effects: The Mill, London Music: "Get On Board, Lil' Children," Shirley Temple

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