Putting on a new face

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"Dreaming, creating, discovering others and oneself, and not being afraid to start over again are all part of Club Med's latest recipe for happiness," says chairman/CEO Henri Giscard d'Estaing, who isn't afraid to more or less start the brand over again, either. The latest take on the eternal happiness message "needed a bold, poetic brand campaign with a distinctively human touch," he says. "The campaign had to highlight the unique joys of connecting with others" in a pampered resort environment, which has resulted in a curiously in-your-face melding of portrait and landscape. This "friendly, upmarket" position is the work of Publicis Conseil, with an assist from Desgrippes Gobe, which supplied a new visual identity and logo. Of the luggage tag logo, "The new typography is finer, lighter and more rounded, expressing an image of Club Med that is unpretentious yet refined," says Giscard d'Estaing. The overhauled Trident symbol is "energetic, elegant and distinguished;, a new beige symbolizes the sand, while a warmer blue stands for the sea, which is one of the anchors of the brand's visual identity."

Client: Club Med Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris Design: Desgrippes Gobe, Paris CD: Olivier Altmann, Elie Hasbani, ADs: Jorge Carreno, Veronique Tirard Photographer: Michael Lewis Retouching: La Retoucherie Designer/Copywriter: Eric Helias

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