Get With the Reprogram

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Fuse has a new copy-intensive posters series that, at first glance, seem rather esoteric for a demo of semi- literates with the collective attention span of a gnat. But when you actually try to read them, you realize they're composed of wordbites that are perfect for today's ADD-addled youth market. "It's not classic long copy in the 'David Ogilvy linear persuasion' sense-it's postmodern long copy best consumed in fragments," says Douglas Cameron, co founder and head strategist at Fuse's agency, Amalgamated. "We'd like to believe that this is the first-ever long copy that's been written for the attention-deprived." Nevertheless, even those too gnatlike to read past "Fuse" and "Reprogram" will get the message, Cameron believes. "The ads are designed to be a quick read of a poster-sized logo and the new tagline; a closer inspection will reveal the subversive absurdist messages in the body copy. But for those who don't read the body copy, the message is still that we're doing something new, we're not treating them like morons and we're passionate enough what we're doing to write an entire manifesto rather than the usual seven-word headline. For those who do pause for the closer read, we've provided enough detail for the ad to get more and more interesting with every reading. The way the text is organized, there's no real starting or ending point-it's all more or less random-so every time you see it, you should read different statements. This is what can make a poster worthy of hanging up in your room."

Client: Fuse Agency: Amalgamated, N.Y. CD: Jason Gaboriau Creatives: Jason Gaboriau, Kristin Rumble, Doug Cameron

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