He's Like Ron Jeremy, But Cuter

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We're thrilled to report that BBH/New York, blessed with a client who would no doubt hire Hieronymus Bosch as an art director were he still with us, has bestowed upon the world Pitman, a three-toed homunculoid armpit who always gets the babe. Why, despite his obvious physical handicaps, is he such a sawed-off stud? Because he uses Axe deodorant, and, well, "Dry pits win." We asked GCD William Gelner a few relevant questions about this stunning creation: Why does the armpit have three-toed baby legs? "Pitman has short legs so all the horny ladies can easily catch him. He has three toes because some women are into freaky-deaky things, like feet. Pitman will try anything twice." What, if anything, is between those baby legs? "Usually a hot girl. On bad nights, a not so hot woman. Pitman is an equal-opportunity sex object." Why is the armpit topped with a stump and not an arm? "Because nothing or no one can top Pitman; not Hef, not Wilt Chamberlain, not even the Hedgehog." Right.

Client: Axe Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty/N.Y. GCD: William Gelner CW: Peter Rosch AD: John Hobbs Art Buyer: Josette Lata Photographer: Pierre Winther

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