This Round's on Satan

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Suggestively kinky in-bar posters and placemats from DiMassimo Carr are intended to connect the dots with Duvel, a blonde Belgian ale with a kick. According to the creative team of Sandy Weber Neidhart and Kevin Gentile, Duvel means devil in Flemish, and the premium-priced brew lives up to its name with an alcohol content of 8.5%. "It's a sensuous experience meant to be savored, and the 'Repent tomorrow' tagline invites consumers to let go and indulge, not only in Duvel but in their whole approach to the evening," they add. The three ads feature a pair of one-guy, two-girl threesomes and such useful implements as corn on the cob, a plunger and an eggbeater. What's with the bizarre party toys? "Part of the fun of this campaign is that it's open to interpretation," say the creatives. "If you see anything unorthodox going on here, that's all you, my friend." Right.

Client: Moortgat Brewery Agency: DiMassimo Carr Brand Advocates, N.Y. ECD: Mark DiMassimo CDs: Sally Hogshead, Rich Buceta CW: Sandy Weber Neidhart AD: Kevin Gentile Photographer: Alex Freund

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