Sky Hook

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You'd think with all the airline security and maintenance problems and the sheer peril attached to flying anywhere nowadays, airline comedy spots would have gone the way of the dodo. But quite the opposite, it seems. In this case, Wongdoody and comedy vet Jeff Gorman are at the top of their game with a package of wryly amusing spots in the familiar this-is-what-a-bad-airline-would-be-like genre. At SkyHigh Airlines, bad news is delivered by a happy man playing a banjo, and if the news is really bad, there are 10 happy men playing banjos; the guy behind the SkyHigh ticket counter is wearing Terminator-like computerized glasses that are hopelessly malfunctioning; and at under-equipped SkyHigh, they hand out rain checks for blankets and toilet paper. There's even a parody website.

Client: Alaska Air Agency: Wongdoody/Seattle CD: Tracy Wong CWs: Matt McCain, John Schofield AD: Pam Fujimoto Agency Producer: Dax Estorninos Director: Jeff Gorman/JGF Editor: Alan Nay/Recess Editorial Effects: Modern Digital Sound Design: Clatter & Din

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