Sole Kiss

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"When you're comfortable, you don't necessarily realize it," says Brokaw writer Erik Proulx. "After all, what is comfort but the absence of discomfort? Comfort is, by definition, forgettable." But a POP shoe ad where you have to double-check to see if a chick is sitting on a guy's face is not. "Actually, she's sitting in the 'proper' place, but under union rules our model was not permitted to become aroused," says Proulx. "Every 30 seconds or so we had to take a five-minute break." Other ads in the series simply feature guys showering and pool-diving with their shoes on. So we're not showing them.

Client: Golland Shoes/Clarks Agency: Brokaw CD: Greg Thomas AD: Brian Gillen CW: Erik Proulx Photographer: Russell Lee

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