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It's not often we see an unequivocally smashing spec success, but we're happy to report that Eric Badros, a recent graduate of the USC MFA film program, has made a minor masterpiece-a :60 called "Heartbreaker," sort of an homage to Rocky Morton and the Mike's Hard Lemonade campaign. Frankly, if it had been on Morton's reel, we wouldn't have guessed it was a ringer. Badros, in fact, has been mentored by MJZ's Lisa Rich. The "Heartbreaker" plot: We're at a baseball game, and a hottie near home plate, who's handed a Mike's by a vendor, is making eyes at the catcher, who appears to be completely distracted by the babe. A fastball whizzes by his glove, rips through his chest, and his (animated) heart blows out his back-it's a veritable devil doll that could scare the crap out of a cardiologist. To the sound of jungle drums, the heart makes a beeline for the hottie and attaches itself not to her body but to her bottle of Mike's. VO: "Heart set on something? Make it a Mike's." Says Badros of his bizarre animated creature, "I sort of tightroped the line between campiness and reality. I wanted to make sure the heart's personality was formidable. He had to be a dedicated muscle of the will and passion without any weaknesses of the flesh." Badros is presently signed nonexclusively with DeVaux Films and repped by Senvierra (

Client: Mike's Hard Lemonade (spec) CD/Director: Eric Badros ([email protected]) Producers: Melissa Eccles, Carolyn Yamazaki Editor: Avi Youabian Effects: Pixel Corps Music: Bear McCreary Sound Designer: Josh Eckberg

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