The Spec Deck: Meter Readings

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Sean Sahlin and Chris Hill, the directing team known as IrishWiley, hate meter maids. So they made a spot for Doc's Hard Lemonade (though it could be for just about anything), tagged "Now that's refreshing," in which they give a meter maid a pseudo ticket. It's a video verit‚ thing with a lot of wind noise, in which Hill, driving a curvy little futuremobile, pulls up next to a male meter maid who's sitting idly in his boxy little pastmobile; Hill gets out and puts a paper under the ticket troll's wiper, announcing, "I already wrote it," with the appropriate dismissive gesture. Then he drives away, as the befuddled guy gets out to read the note. Which says, according to the duo, "I hate you." They did this for a whole day. "We got the idea after working in Santa Monica," explains Sahlin. "Santa Monica is a mecca for meter maids. You can't go more than 20 feet without seeing those bastards. Each ticket had something different on it - some were mean and some were funny."

Client: Doc's Hard Lemonade Director: IrishWiley (Sean Sahlin and Chris Hill)/ [email protected] Executive Producers: Jules Daly, Bryan Farhy DP/Editor: Noah Eichen

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