The Spec Deck: Seat of Power

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How many specs look like scenes from a great dramatic series on the BBC? In a fashion spot for Mark Powell, Headquarters director Laurence Thrush, a Brit based in L.A., crafts a disturbingly brilliant moment in the breakup of a relationship, as a guy is cornering a woman in the loo, where the toilet seat is up despite the fact that when he left it was down. In the meantime, the girl's lover is quickly getting back into his impossibly spiffy Mark Powell suit in another room, putting his shoes in his pockets, and he finally passes right by the open bathroom door where the man is obliviously interrogating his prey in an increasingly threatening manner. Superb acting and a strange undertone of violence make for unusually arresting spec.

Client: Mark Powell Director/Writer: Laurence Thrush/Headquarters Executive Producer/Writer: Shelly Townsend Producer: Corina Dennison DP: Gary Young Editor: Chaplin Early/Rock Paper Scissors, L.A. Music: Ben Edwards/Expanding Records, London

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