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The Nike Shox Neo looks like a stompin' boot, so we guess it's quite appropriate that Nike, via Psyop, has fashioned four animated web films starring athletes from the Swoosh stable-see www.nike.com/nikeneoshox for the manly details-who basically just beat the crap out of people in a sort of retro-'70s cool way, backed by the kind of music Quentin Tarantino probably has on his iPod. Indeed, the series is called "Shoxploitation," and it's got a wonderful pastel-ish videogame vibe. But, alas, there's no blood. When guys get punched in the face, which happens frequently, we're limited to showers of spit. Nobody gets a limb ripped off, never mind his head. Still, it's a good start.

Client: Nike Agency: In-house CW: Steve Raymond Directors: Kylie Matulick, Todd Mueller/Psyop Editor/ Music Producer: Jed Boyar

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