Does this mean the Stones will stop touring?

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Can't get no satisfaction? Snickers satisfies with simple but amusing online games that change daily, prompting loyalty and suspense. Anyone with a mouse (most games require very remedial technique) visiting on the right day can blow a toupee off a man's head with a fan, taunt a presentation-giving office drone, pop a zit or-in a surprisingly more innocent favorite-control carnivorous shadow puppets. According to the agency, "The campaign is aimed at teens and college kids and is intended to provide an unexpected experience that reinforces Snickers' positioning of instant gratification and immediate satisfaction." There are other online places that fit that description, but chocoholics need their fix, too.

Client: Snickers Agency: Atmosphere BBDO CCO: Andreas Combuechen ECD: Arturo Aranda CW: Susan Phuvasitkul ADs: Ron Lent, Brett Simon, Vina Lam, Donovan Goodly Producer: Joseph Bradley Director of Development: Steve Longbons Lead Developers: Katy Walker, Fatima Osman, David Singer Senior Developer: Henry Cho

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