Strange Fruit

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Not only is this amazing "No Dummy" spot like a mini Twilight Zone episode, it posits Juicy Fruit as capable of animating a dummy. A kid (chewing the gum) is asked to demonstrate-on a dummy-CPR in class. The dummy somehow sucks the gum out of his mouth, is instantly fully alive, leaps to its feet, steals the kid's pack of gum and runs for it. To top it off, the kid is not particularly surprised at this turn of events, but he's incensed that his gum was stolen and he takes off in pursuit. We're clearly in a post-Harry Potter universe where Juicy Fruit is commonly recognized for its magical powers. This must be a popular client dream. In the ensuing chase, which is very brief-this is crying out for a :60-the dummy loses an arm, mounts a bicycle and smashes into a car, before being relieved of his supernatural sustenance. Brilliantly executed by Craig Gillespie and cut to a tee by Lucas Spaulding. Make it into a series. Isn't this what product placement is all about?

Client: Wrigley's Agency: BBDO/Chicago CCO: Marty Orzio CDs: Al Wyatt, Todd Hoffman Creative Group Head: Jim Hyman CW: Zach Hilder AD: Ryan Dickey Director: Craig Gillespie/MJZ Editor: Lucas Spaulding/Cosmo Street Effects: Sight Effects Music: Acetone

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