Street Review: John D'Angelo

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This spot is a welcome departure, both in look and feel, from the past few years of Miller High Life ads, starring the High Life Man. From an aesthetic point of view, I enjoyed the mix of black and white and color images, and the use of a female narrator-one of the few times, if ever, a beer ad has used a woman's voiceover-is an interesting touch. To be honest, I had never noticed the Girl on the Moon logo before, so it was cool to see her as the main character-even if her lines were pretty corny and had no real impact. But I found it almost laughable to hear that Miller High Life is the "champagne of beers." If you've ever tasted it, you know how false that is. (3)

Mr. D'Angelo is a library clerk at the Lincoln Center campus of Fordham University, and an avid consumer of beer products. Killian's Irish Red is his beer of choice.

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