The Street Review: Ryan Richman

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Budweiser "Glasses" Beer advertising has never really made sense to me. Sure, you want the first two or three to taste good and be less filling or whatever, but the next five to 12 can be anything. It must be all the competition between brands, but I thought there were only two big breweries, and how much competition is two? To be honest, beer ads might work on some people, but I just pick up a case of whatever the Pathmark has on sale that week. Bud is great and all, but the money thing is a bigger draw than this thing here with the glasses. Besides, Bud totally ruined its image with those subway ads that looked like pee. 2 stars

Mr. Richman is a male between 18 and 34. He drinks a lot of beer and may be your doctor someday. Beware.

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