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Nextel "Wedding" It's cute and sort of funny. On the other hand, it makes me think about how overwhelmingly pervasive cell phones have become and how annoying that can be. In a way, I expected someone in the back of the church to say, "Could you speak a little lower, please?" or something like that. In a way, it could be an anti-cell phone commercial, insofar as it calls attention to how many people in our society find it acceptable to have even intimate communications in public on their cell phone. The fact that this can be annoying may be even more relevant in a commercial for a Nextel walkie-talkie phone, as people are sometimes much louder and more likely to interrupt others when using a walkie-talkie type phone. At the same time, it might read as a cell phone company making fun of themselves and their product in a way that is appealing to customers. It's a mixed bag. (2)

Gabrielle Prisco is a research and teaching fellow at New York University's School of Law.

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