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"Beware of Dog"

Did you hear the one about the dog who could fetch a beer? In what looks like an illustrated dirty joke, Downtown Partners continues a long tradition of animals that know from Budweiser, in which a dog that can fetch a Bud Light is bettered by one who knows how to steal it-with a swift bite to the crotch.

Client: Anheuser-Busch Agency: Downtown Partners DDB, Toronto CD: Dan Pawych CWs: Darren Clarke AD: Daniel Vendramin Agency Producer: Bob Kirk Director: Jeff Gorman/Radke Films Editor: David Hicks/School Effects: AXYZ Sound Design: Pirate Radio & TV

"The Little Donkey That Could"

Creative director Jeff Goodby steps behind the lens for this tale of a donkey that dreams of being a Budweiser Clydesdale. He trains, he gets hair extensions, then it all comes down to the big interview, where he wows the Clydesdale elders with a deafening bray. Who knew Goodby had such a way with mules?

Client: Anheuser-Busch Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners CD: Jeff Goodby AD: Tyler Magnusson CW: Steve Dildarian Agency Producer: James Horner Director: Jeff Goodby/Biscuit Filmworks, Editor: Jim Hutchins/Nomad Effects: Ring of Fire Music: Jimmy Haun/Elias Arts

"What Would Willie Do?"

H&R Block returns to notorious tax evader Willie Nelson for laughs by introducing the Willie Doll (bong not included). Pull his string and he dispenses quick and easy-but terrible-tax advice, which starts making a trip to H&R Block look pretty good. We have to get one of these just to find out if it's anatomically correct.

Client: H&R Block Agency: Campbell Mithun/Minneapolis ECD: George Halvorson CW: Joe Stefanson AD: Monty Pera Agency Producers Kathy DiToro, Kirsten Larson, Joe Hoffmann Director: Jesse Peretz/Production Company: X-ray Productions Animation: David Kelly/Curious Pictures Editor: Gavin Cutler/Mackenzie Cutler Music: Jason Steele/Hum Sound Design: Marc Healy

"New Digs"

Dot-com survivor Monster (minus, you notice, that tell-tale ".com") returns to its sixth-straight Super Bowl with a promise to help you find an employer you will truly "dig." Scenes of people preparing for job interviews are helped along by an obscure Cure single called "I Dig You" from 1979. Hey, it's from Deutsch, what did you expect?

Client: Monster Agency: Deutsch/New York ECD: Kathy Delaney GCD/CW: Bryan Black ACD/AD: Scott Schindler Agency Producers: Jim Frame, Bruce Andreini Director: Jeff Preiss/Epoch Films Animation Director: John Kricfalusi/Acme Filmworks Editor: Hank Corwin/Lost Planet Musical Artist: Robert Smith Song: "I Dig You" Sound: HSR


American Legacy lambastes the tobacco industry once again in this commercial, which asks, "What if all companies sold product like tobacco?" Well, if they did, they just might sell Shards O'Glass Freeze Pops, as the spot suggests. Then we'd see everyone standing outside their office buildings 10 times a day eating the damn things.

Client: American Legacy Foundation Agencies: Arnold Worldwide, Crispin Porter + Bogusky CCO: Ron Lawner GCD: Pete Favat, Alex Bogusky CD: Tom Adams CD/CW: Roger Baldacci AD: Pete Favat Agency Producer: Amy Favat Director: Tim Godsall/Biscuit Filmworks Editor: Tom Scherma/Cosmo Street Effects: Brickyard Sound Design: Mike Secher/Soundtrack Editorial

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