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What to do in the early stages of campaign planning when the idea is "get ready for a big holiday"? Think big, naturally, as Y&R/Chicago did for Sears' holiday campaign. "It's a big order, isn't it," says CCO Mark Figliulo. "That's how we arrived at it. There was a big job to do, and when we looked at Sears and what they do for consumers, they handle the big stuff and they make buying the big stuff easy. At the holidays you need something of substance, like a washer and dryer, a table saw or a diamond ring. Those things are big in scope and price range. You don't want to mess around with something trendy. As a brand, Sears could own the stuff of substance. That led us to overscale products, because it's a nice representation of that message."

The huge products-such as a washer/dryer, Kitchen Aid mixer, jeans and a doll-are the subject of a series of "Big"-themed spots, directed by Noam Murro. "Noam's a big name, a big director, and we wanted everything to be bigger than life. It needed to make a big splash."

Now, for a campaign to make any kind of splash it's got to do something beyond broadcast, so the Y&R team set into motion a series of print and outdoor executions, but most notable were the stunts and in-store collaborations, which included the sale of huge bows, tags and eight-foot rolls of wrapping paper, but also the installation of a life-sized snow globe with actors inside, situated in Times Square. Around the snow globe, Figliulo says, "There were teams of people handing out a little wish book. It's tiny because we're playing with scale and saying that we're making 'giving big' easy. We wanted the book to be easy to carry around and we gave out pocket magnifying glasses to read all the information.

"We're taking the risk of being sincere," adds Figliulo. "That's what the holidays should be about."

Client: Sears Agency: Young & Rubicam/Chicago CCO: Mark Figliulo CD: Chris Hunter CW: Greg Christensen AD: Corey Ciszek Director: Noam Murro/Biscuit Filmworks Director of Photography: Toby Irwin Editors: Avi Oron/Bikini, Craig Lewandowski, Randy Palmer/Optimus VFX: Method Studios Music: Elias Arts Prop House: Stan Winston Studios

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