Theatrical Delinquency

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A series of promos for the final season of The Osbournes features an elementary-school recreation of the show, with kids playing all the parts and other kids playing the doc crew, all under the supervision of a slightly insane rocked-out teacher-for the benefit of an audience of squirming parents. The first two spots are more fun than watching the actual show, with child Osbournes standing around hurling foul language, which is censored "live" by a kid onstage wearing headphones with his finger on a bleeper. The parents are mildly appalled, until one outraged dad gets up and yells, "OK, kids, that's enough, we're going home." Then he's struck on the head by a billy club-wielding kid who's playing a security guard. There's something inordinately funny about this. Maybe the next idiotic TV trend is having kids recreate reality TV shows. Any stupid 9-year-old with bad hair could play Donald Trump.

Client: MTV Agency: In-house CW/Director: Roddy Scott Editor: Brad Turner/Post Millennium

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