Totally bananas

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Leo Burnett offers up a wi-fi world in which every action has a reaction-even across disparate locations. The spot, Nintendo's "The Sad, Agonizing Tale of Bhuvan Ganguly," is epic in title and scope, showing a humble worker on a break from pushing his cart through a vast desert for a snack. Ganguly finishes a banana and throws the peel away, causing a car on a highway far away to spin out of control. The spot is the latest in the "Touching is Good" campaign, announcing the arrival of wi-fi gaming for the handheld Nintendo DS. It also subtly plugs a new DS version of Nintendo's Mario Kart DS, in which racers can battle opponents by flinging banana peels to throw them off course.

Client: Nintendo Agency: Leo Burnett Group Creative Heads: Ned Crowley, Jonathan Moore ECDs: Bill Stone, Dominick Maiolo Creatives: Nate Zuercher, Vinit Patil CDs: Vince Cook, Gary Fox-Robertson Directors: Ben Dempsey, Joe Dempsey/Rock Fight Editor: Meg Kubicka/The Whitehouse

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