You Wanna Supersize That?

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In L.A., there's really a fast-food place called Food Fetish. The TV possibilities are obvious, and crafty director Craig Tanimoto has fully exploited them in a client-direct campaign that pays loving homage to '70s porn. "Our intent is to distinguish Food Fetish from run-of-the-mill fast food restaurants that cater to kids," says Tanimoto, who also co-wrote the spots. The handheld 16mm, deliberately shabby production even features real porn stars, including Nikki Nova, Seana Ryan and Cheyenne Silver. (McDonald's, are you getting these names?) Four spots from the six-spot package have run locally on cable during The Howard Stern Show and The Daily Show. Two spots were deemed too racy even for Stern (though they shouldn't be), which shows you how far we have yet to go before we reach the true total body and mind meld of porn and mainstream pop culture. But Craig, thanks for lowering the bar this far. Can we get a Big Gulp to go?

Client: Food Fetish Agency: In-house CDs/CWs/ADs: Craig Tanimoto, Mark Reichard, Director: Craig Tanimoto/Japanese Monster Editor: Rick Lobo/Lux Music/Sound Design: Greg Kuehn/Peligro Music

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