How to Watch the Lube Tube

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New York agency Amalgamated, which already brilliantly re-resuscitated the career of professional plus-size has-been Sally Struthers, is at it again for Fuse, the feisty MTV wannabe. This time they've taken a very aggressive appropriation route, ripping off-sorry, parodying-two Chiat/Day Apple concepts in one fell poop. The client describes the "Watch Different" outdoor, print and viral assault as "a reverential wink to one of the most iconic digital music advertising campaigns in the country," which would be the iPod "Silhouette" work, of course. "Fuse's print creative features a series of silhouetted models against colorful backdrops, suggesting nontraditional and irreverent ways in which viewers can enjoy the enhanced experience of watching music television on Fuse." So we've got pole dancing, masturbation, assisted boozing and fart combustion-atomic wedgies are conspicuous by their absence, but we're looking forward to them in the next round.

Client: Fuse Agency: Amalgamated, N.Y. CDs: Jason Gaboriau, Dave Carson (Fuse) Creatives: Jon Yasgur, Tommy Noonan, Laura Potsic, Melissa Hutton Designer: Winny Tsang Photographer: Randal Alquist Executive Producer: Charles Rosen Producer: Amy Mirwald Executive Strategist: Doug Cameron Retouching: Backbone

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