The Really Other White Meat

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Burger King's amazing "Subservient Chicken" campaign, themed "Chicken, just the way you like it," is in support of some chicken sandwich or other-yeah, there's the usual five seconds of tabletop in each spot, and a VO talking about "tempting, crisp deliciousness," but who noticed? There's interspecies pornography going on here! Has Rick Santorum seen these spots? An oddly mincing figure in a coyly sexy chicken getup-is that a teddy and garters she's wearing?-is being "kept." There's a cute, pouty fella who flips through Polaroids of his chicken while he asks the slavebird to model clothes and play music for him. Then there's the pair of nubile roommates who have some kind of sapphic poultry menage going on; one babe throws a pencil on the floor just so the chicken can bend over and pick it up, which first involves the bird's pert comb coming dangerously close to her mistress' carefully parted legs-then the chicken turns around to present full naked hindquarters, which gets a lip-licking "Mmmmm" from the hottie, seen in closeup. Add to this the site, where the pretty pecker does its "bottom" thing on a faux live webcam. Unbelievable. It's Crispin just the way we like it. We can't wait to see what they do with beef.

Client: Burger King Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky/Miami ECD: Alex Bogusky CD: Andrew Keller ACD: Rob Reilly CW: Bob Cianfrone AD: Mark Taylor Agency Producers: Dave Rolfe, Terry Stavoe Director: Rocky Morton/MJZ Editors: Paul Kelly, Ken Rosenberg/89 Editorial Music: Mark Mothersbaugh/Mutato Musika, Andrew Feltenstein/Beacon Street Studios

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