Willy Honker

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There's this family with honkin' big, obviously prosthetic, whistling noses. They all look just hideous, but that's not the problem. None of them can control the whistling when they're alone. They're shushed in libraries, attacked by dogs, mistaken for tea kettles. But when they all get together at a Holiday Inn, "something great happens" and they harmonize like a frickin' calliope. What is the origin of this memorably bizarre :60, directed by no less a talent than Noam Murro? Fallon's aptly named Todd Riddle explains that the spot runs on Nickelodeon, "so the environment definitely inspired us. We chose to tell the story of how families come together at Holiday Inn through a sort of storybook fantasy, with a Willy Wonka-, Mary Poppins-like tone. Rather than just show a family together, we illustrated how when families are apart, things just aren't the same." We can only pray they don't have a family jar of boogers.

Client: Holiday Inn Agency: Fallon/Minneapolis CD: Bruce Bildsten Creative Group Head: Todd Riddle CW: Reuben Hower AD: Todd Riddle Director: Noam Murro/Biscuit Filmworks Editor: Rick Lawley/Whitehouse Effects: Sea Level Sound Design: Noises Digital Music: Human

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